Air Peace Fires 70 Pilots Over Pay Cut Dispute As Coronavirus Hits Finances, Operations

BEVERLY HILLS, August 03, (THEWILL) – Nigeria’s largest indigenous airliner, Air Peace has sacked 70 pilots after they refused to take a pay cut, insider sources said, following the devastating effect of the coronavirus pandemic on its operations and finances.

The airline however said it had to take the painful but rightful decision in the face of the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on its operations and financial health.

The company stated that the job erasure for pilots among its over 3,000 staff became imperative because it could not afford to continue to fulfill its financial obligations without carrying out restructuring of its entire operations to survive the times.

Air Peace, in a statement said: “In order to protect the continuity of majority of the existing jobs and the possibility of creating new ones in future, the survival of the airline is of paramount importance. When everything comes back to normal those pilots affected today will have a place to come back to in future if they so wish.

“Anything short of what we have done may lead to the collapse of an airline as could be seen in some places worldwide during this period.

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“Therefore, we decided to review the salaries being paid to all staff. The new salaries reflect zero to 40 per cent cut of the former salary depending on the salary grades of every staff.

“Even after the cuts, it was obvious for us to be able to sustain our operations and survive the times, some jobs must inevitably have to go.”