Housemate, Miyonse Reveals How Big Brother Naija Made Him Miss Father’s Burial

BEVERLY HILLS, June 10, (THEWILL) – One of the housemates in Big Brother Nigeria, BBN, 2017, Miyonse, has apparently moved on with life since his return from the Big Brother house. But in this interview with THEWILL, the Lagos state-born chef speaks about life before the show and makes some very stunning revelations such as being absent at his dad’s burial on account of the reality TV programme that was staged in South Africa. David Oputa brings you excerpts of this interesting engagement…

What is the name like, is it Seyi, Miyonse, or Amosu

The first name is Miyonse, Miyonse Oluwaseyi

Before Big brother, I understand you were a chef somewhere in Abuja and did other stuff too, what was your life like at that time?

Hmm, life before Big brother was, I won’t consider it as exciting as life after Big Brother or apparently, my life before Big Brother was centred around work, you know, when you work as chef you work 24 hours, more like you work 24hours because I was the head chef before I left, so my head is always thinking of things, you know, if all the stuff I needed were available, if the staff are doing their work  properly, how can we improve the quality of service in the restaurant, it was more or less work for me and then, well (sigh) I won’t consider it boring, but most people might think it was boring, but I felt it was just work for me.

Were you finding fulfillment there?

Definitely! For me to leave Lagos to Abuja because I wanted to work as a chef, it’s a lot for you to move, so I know I was fulfilled you know following my passion.

What was growing up like?

Growing up! Growing up was exciting, was fun, I had wonderful people around me, my brothers, I’m in a family of four, three guys, one girl and it was exciting you know.

You grow up in Lagos?

Yes, I grew up in Lagos

Which part of Lagos?


So, is there anything you can remember about your childhood?

I remember, I like to play football a lot, I remember, (hmm) I listen to the news a lot, even read a lot of newspapers and at some point in time, they usually say something, that your childhood usually form who you are, so I did not know what it was, but reading a lot of newspaper at that time, I later found myself a Mass communication department.

Do you still play football?

Ermm, it’s been long I played football.

You studied mass communication?


And now you are a Chef what is the connection, how come, why don’t practice journalism?

Well, l would like to say I properly did a bit of journalism; I did too much of journalism while I was in school, I worked in so many newspaper, news related outfit, I worked with The Nation, I worked with Sun, as a campus correspondent and as an intern, I worked with campus daily online and I worked with a few ones I can’t even remember, so I think I did too much of it while I was in school, I won’t say I lost interest in it, but I probably did too much.

Were you cooking on campus too?

Yea I did a bit of cooking, not too much on campus.

Like professional chef?

No, no, no, no, just random cooking and my friends kind of like what I did, they were part of the people that encourage me to do something out of cooking you know and I yielded to their advice and I went Culinary high school.

Was it an afterthought?

I have always wanted to do something related to cooking, it was a form of encouragement you know, like okay go and do it you know, you can do it.

No, I mean you going to Chef School, was it because maybe a few things did not work out well.

I went to a Culinary School immediately after I finished school, I went to a culinary school; it wasn’t an afterthought, infact, it was the thought, in fact 9 to 5 job was an afterthought for me, like okay what if culinary doesn’t work try 9 to 5, but thank God it’s paying off right now.

Okay, we read that in the culinary school, the first day you came into class, you burnt down the school. (both laughing)

Actually the first day I went to into class and I was even confused, like I was like am I sure that I am in the right place, am I doing the right thing, you know and the instructor that time Chef Stone was like welcome you know, he welcomed me, and I felt awkward, I won’t lie to you, I felt a little bit awkward you, because I was still wasn’t very sure if culinary  work was my thing if I was supposed to be there, but after the first class you know, the tension subsided you know and my resolve was strengthened you know and I think I am made for this, so Chef stone always says I was quite the gentle one, I like to observe my environment before I let it all out.

I want to get to something emotional now, you lost your dad was it before, during or after Big Brother?

Before Big Brother, just before I was about to enter the house.

It did not make you feel like you were not going to do it anymore?

Well, when I told my family that I got into the Big Brother house, we were still mourning my Dad, it was barely a week past his death, so my sister and mum they were like you know what, what has happened has happened this could be your big break, just go into the house you know, but I won’t lie to you at some point in time it did affect me, it did affect my psyche sometime, knowing that your Dad is dead you know, and probably might not see him again, I couldn’t attend his burial.

Wait, you missed his burial?

Yes I did miss the burial.

Like you were in the house when they were burying your Dad?

Yes I was in the house while they were burying my Dad. We kept it together, yeah most people don’t understand why I was in a certain kind of way you know, I was sometimes in my own space you know, and it just got me thinking a bit you know, but you go be man now, you have to keep yourself together, he was my biggest supporter you know, he was always saying you know what anything you want to do, do it you know, he was always praying for me, anytime he called me, even while I was in Abuja calling me, I will be like mehn this man he sabi pray o.

I’m trying to put myself on your shoes, and I am thinking would I give up such final moment for Big Brother, how do you live with it?

I can’t explain how I lived with it but I feel like my family, they have done a good job in being in a good support system for me you know, and even when I came out of the house they have been there all the way, so let’s say God’s grace is sufficient for us.

Are you a spiritual kind of person?

The bible says only a fool believe there is no God (laughing).

Don’t tell me you are a pastor?

I’m not a pastor, I won’t say I’m a pastor, but I’m a strong believer of the word, I’m a strong believer,  I believe there is Christ, even in my Big Brother form they asked me how religious I was, I said I am a believer, I believe in God, I believe in Jesus Christ you know, and my faith is unshakable you know and sometimes when you are in serious unease you know, where would you want to run to, humans can only do the bit they can, but God can do all things, so yes I believe so, I believe in the word I am a Christian.

So why did you go for BBN?

It wasn’t really my idea, it was the idea of the other chefs (in Abuja) for me to go to Big Brother because they felt like my life just centred around work. But when I got there, I started getting used to the idea after scaling like three stages, like, you know what, I think I can actually do this. So, essentially, I realized Big Brother was a wonderful platform to sell yourself to the world. I took the opportunity, and I hope and pray I am able to make the most use of it.

What was your reaction when you got the call?

As at that time, I got a call the previous day that my dad passed on, so it wasn’t a call that I was really excited about. So I was just like, um, okay. So the guy was like, why are you not excited? I said yeah, I’m excited. Then I started forming excitement. The calls were hours apart, less than ten hours apart.

Would you recommend the show to other young people?

The show is an 18+ show, and when they say 18, they believe you are able to make decisions for yourself. I made the decision that I wanted to go for Big Brother, so it’s an individual thing. If you feel like, oh, Big Brother is a good platform for me, it’s your own volition. By all means, feel free, go for the show.

If you feel otherwise …

Sit down in your house!

You had a girlfriend before Big Brother?

He hehe!

Do you still have one?

(Hmm) I will like to keep my private matters private

What was her reaction when you got back from the house?

I will like to keep it private, I like her reactions private, everything we do is private.

What did you miss after Big Brother?

Wawu! I miss a lot of things in the house; I feel like I should have stayed longer, and what I miss in the house most is the fact that you are waking up and you don’t know what you are expecting the next day, I like the fact that I meant 13 crazy wonderful amazing individuals, I like the fact that I was myself, I wasn’t trying to be fake about anything, everything everybody saw was the Miyonse that was me, undiluted unscripted Miyonse, so everything everybody saw, I like the idea of the reality show.

If you have the opportunity to redo anything in the Big Brother house, what would that be?

Nothing, I don’t live a life of regret, I live a life of refocusing you know, my focus has changed from being in the house to making it outside the house, so I don’t need to win Big Brother to show people what I can do. God has given me the platform, he has given me the talent and I believe the sky is just my starting point.

If you weren’t the housemate, who would you have wanted to win?

I would have wanted any of the thirteen to win,

Come on, give me a name

I feel like they are amazing people you know, you can single one out, if you want me to mention name I would have selected T-Boss, I would have selected Soma, I would have selected TTT, I like Bisola to win, I wanted Efe to win you know, as the housemates reduced, I still wished everyone well, so till now I still wish everybody well, I wanted anybody to win, I did not have this specific favourite.

Big Brother was not shot in Nigeria; what is your take on that?

My take on that has not changed. If the organizers felt like it was best shot in South Africa, they’ve probably done their logistics and they’ve compared it to see that it was better in South Africa. They’ve probably checked it and they are like, okay, this is best shot in South Africa. And let’s look at it. It still requires a lot of money to fly people. So if they had done their comparative analysis, can we shoot it in Lagos, can we shoot it in Nigeria, can we shoot it in South Africa? Wherever they shot it, it would have still created controversies. If they had shot it in Lagos, people would say why not Abuja? If it was shot in Abuja, they would say why was it not shot in commercial hub? Whatever you do, people will talk, so just do it.

Okay. So, Miyonse, playboy?

No. I am not no playboy. Never!


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