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MC Oluomo Rehabilitates Seun Egbegbe After Prison Stint


January 10, (THEWILL) – The Chairman of Lagos Parks Management, Alhaji Musilu Akinsanya, aka Mc Oluomo, has offered his hands of benevolence to former film-maker, Olajide Kareem, aka Seun Egbegbe.

Egbegbe was sentenced to imprisonment for the theft of nine iPhones. However, other charges bothering on fraud against Egbegbe were dropped for lack of concrete evidence.

He was behind bars for about five years but came out impoverished and abandoned as many people no longer wanted to associate with him. The once-upon-a-time darling of musicians subsequently fell on hard times and needed all the help he could get to find his footing in the society again.

Mc Oluomo reached out to him a few months after his release from prison following his conviction for theft.

Oluomo, who had been subjected to abuse by Egbegbe in the past before his incarceration, reached out to him and gave him a job as a top man in managing tricycles in a garage and in the process, rehabilitated him.

However, MC extracted commitment from Egbegbe that he will continue to be of good behaviour.