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Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner Involved In 2007 Leak Tape – Ray J

Ray J, Kim Kardashian
Ray J, Kim Kardashian

May 04, (THEWILL) – Singer Ray J has stated that the infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape was released like an album by Kim herself, who kept the copy of it stashed up in a Nike shoebox under her bed along with the rest of the streamy tape she made with him.

Speaking about the tape for the first time in a bombshell interview with Daily, the singer revealed that he has never possessed a copy of any of the tapes they made together. He only held unto the text Kim Kardashian sent him between 2002 and 2009.

He also said he never did all the things she claimed he did in the Kardashians new Hulu show. He was outraged by her suggestion that he might have a video showing him “sticking a dildo in his a**. He stated that the statement made him sound like a rapist and it is untrue.

In a private text message to Ray J, Kim Kardashian admitted that the dildo comment was a sarcastic joke.

Speaking further, Ray J revealed that he sat in the shadows for over 14 years and allowed the Kardashians to abuse his name, while making billions of dollars talking about a topic he never really spoke about.

He said that he never leaked any sex tape in his life, but it has always been a deal and partnership between Kris Jenner, Kim and him. Adding that they have been partners since the beginning of the whole drama.

The former couple who got together in 2002 when they were both 21 years, made the infamous sex tape during their birthday celebration that year and it was released in 2007.

Ray J also told Daily Mail that putting out the video was his idea and he suggested it to Kim after they saw how Paris Hilton’s profile was boosted when the film she made with poker player, Rick Salomon was leaked.

While Kim claimed she didn’t want to do it, she enlisted her mother, Kris Jenner to organize it’s release via Vivid Entertainment, a process he had little to do with.

The eventual contract which was signed by both Ray J, Kim was for three videos including two sex tapes, one made at the Esperanza hotel in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and one created in Santa Barbara and a third tape that is listed as an intro to the Cabo footage.

Only one video was leaked and they were all kept in a Nike shoebox under the bed, the father of two added.

Ray J regretted his role in releasing the tape after he was publicly blamed for leaking it but has been unable to correct the record due to the contract he had signed without legal advice.

He also revealed that the tape and his role as the villain of the piece has blighted his career and relationship and left him feeling suicidal at a stage.