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I’ll Not Collect Money From Anyone To Vote In 2023 – Charles Awurum

Nollywood Actor
Charles Awurum

September 12, (THEWILL) – Charles Awurum, Nollywood actor, has expressed his stand on fellow entertainers, who are financially influenced to vote for incompetent candidates in 2023.

In a recent interview, the comic actor stated that he is against his colleagues who throw their weight behind politicians.

“It is stupidity for one to support people who cannot improve the country. People will always know that one is doing it because of money.

“I don’t have money, but I won’t collect money from anybody in exchange for voting for them when I know the person is not fit for the office. (For entertainers who support such politicians), that is their business.

“However, I think we all, as Nigerians, should come together and think of how to improve the country.”

The actor also maintained that though skit makers are currently making waves, they cannot phase out conventional actors.

He said, “I cannot be phased out. What I have is God’s gift; it is not possible (for me to be displaced).”

Advising Nigerians to vote for the right candidates, in 2023, he said, “Let’s vote the right people into elective offices. When we vote for the right persons, we will be able to hold them accountable. And, if they don’t do what the people want, we would change them. More people need to be part of the system”, he added.