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God Will End Confusion In Priesthood And Give Us Power In 2023 – Pastor Ukeme Silas

Pastor Ukeme Silas
Pastor Ukeme Silas

August 21, (THEWILL) – Pastor Ukeme Silas, the visioner of Indigenous Ministers Forum (IMF), who also founded The International Council of Royal Priesthood (ICORPS), and Wealth Creation Foundation Int’l (WCFI), on Saturday, engaged THEWILL correspondent in Uyo on a long interaction at his Ikot Oku Ubo, Uyo resident, where he aired out what he described as fundamental issues bothering on Church priesthood of Akwa Ibom State as it concerns the Governoship position of the state since inception of democracy in 1999.

The self acclaimed high priest of Uyo, who claimed that he was being inspired by the Holy Spirit, stated with facts that the Church leadership in the state has been the cause of confusion and irregularities in the governance of the state and expressed the hope that the Church Priesthood will take over power to govern the state in 2023.

According to him; “In 2005, The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), then led by Bishop Cletus Bassey, organised the first ever Pentecost service in Akwa Ibom State in June 2005, during Obong Victor Attah’s regime as governor of the state. The event was held at Uyo township stadium and there was a move of the power of the Holy Ghost, similar to what the Apostles experienced on the day of Pentecost. At the end, the Church led by the aforementioned leader asked the governor, Obong Victor Attah, who he intended to leave his succession to, in 2007; and the governor responded that God has warned him in that service to allow the Church a chance to choose the successor.
Bishop Bassey repeated the question and the governor reaffirmed his position.

“On that note, the PFN engaged in a one year monthly all-night prayers to ascertain the will of God for the state. At the end of that one year spiritual exercise, the Church organised a national conference and invited Prophet Isa El-Buba, as a Guest Speaker of the conference whom on that Sunday, during the morning service, held at Destiny Int’l Mission advised that the Church should support Pastor James Iniama against his rival brother, Pastor Sam Enwang of same Church affiliation as was intimated, but within a few minutes, the advice was changed and the Prophet rather advised and instructed that the Church should instead converge at Ibom Plaza during the evening service as commanded by God and conduct election between the duo that He (God) would choose His preferred person for the job in 2007. The Church in obedience converged in the evening at Ibom Plaza which after praises and worship, Prophet Isa El-Buba in his Message titled “Spiritual Romance”, said that God can deliver to anybody who knows how to romance him by worship and praises any good thing he naturally doesn’t deserve.

“After much explanation on how to offer true worship to God, the air was cleared and the pace was set for the proposed election.

“Before the Plaza service, Pastor James Iniama had donated the sum of one hundred thousand naira (N100,000.00) to the leadership of PFN in the state, Sam Enwang did not make any donation, but insisted that God had sent him to be the governor.

“During the conduct of the election, twenty two (22) delegates were selected of whom I was among. On the first ballot, the two contestants scored 11 votes each. Hence, one of the delegates was asked to withdraw in order to have an odd number for the possible emergence of a winner from the tight contest. When the bye-election was conducted, Pastor Sam Enwang emerged the winner with 11 votes against his rival, James Iniama, who scored 10 votes.

“The Prophet then advised the church to support Pastor Sam Enwang and advised Pastor James Iniama to drop his ambition and join forces with his brother to birth an egalitarian leadership in the state. At that instance, there was a serious commotion at the conference which caused the people to depart without saying the grace in fellowship, rather it was “to thy tent oh Israel and that was the beginning of the change in language within PFN, Akwa Ibom State.

“To forestall peace and come up with the will of God, a righteous government was advocated in the state since the one year monthly all-night effort to choose a successor for Obong Victor Attah was defeated due to personal interest and sentiment.

“It was not long, the then Commissioner Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Barr. Godswill Obot Akpabio pulled out a Million Naira (N1,000,000) through one Justice Chales Ikpe of First Love foundation and demanded prayers from the Church. The PFN, in that state of confusion converged at first love foundation, along Ebong Umaitong, off Atiku Abubaker, Uyo, in a great number to do the prayers for Akpabio.

“Seeing the multitude and the amount that was involved, the leadership of PFN adjourned the prayer indefinitely, Later on it was reported that about six cabinet members on behalf of PFN had gone to offer the prayers and directed Akpabio to meet with Rev Uma Ukpai, Archbishop Elijah Mboho and Prelate Sunday Mbang, which we believe he did, with a huge sacrificial offering and they also offered him (Akpabio) their prayers. Before some sections of the PFN could wake up to advocate for the Church to retain their honour, Arch Nya Elok did all he could before Rev. Uma Ukpai to withdraw the prayers he offered to Akpabio, but it was already too late because of Ps. 50:1-5. The implication is that the heavens and the earth who were witnesses to the prayers they all offered for Akpabio had gathered him as the choice of the church based on the weight of the financial sacrifice he offered to all of them against one Hundred Thousand Naira that James Iniama donated.

“By those actions, the Church had chosen Godswill Obot Akpabio as Attah’s successor. Despite all efforts Attah had made with the ruling party to truncate Akpabio’s ambition and install Dr Udoma Bob Ekarika, it proved abortive and effort in futility.

“For Akpabio to consolidate the covenant he made, immediately he became the governor from 29th May, 2007, he pulled out One Hundred Million Naira (100,000,000.00) as appreciation to the Church for their contribution to his success to become the number one man in the state.

“Before then, Bishop Cletus Bassey had deployed all powers at his disposal to ensure his emergence as the Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the N100,000,000 was consequently deposited in CAN’s purse and was cleverly designated as loan for the Pastors. When Akpabio observed the danger that the disbursement and liquidation that the loan will cause, he changed his mind and called the donation, grant, but before now the language of the Church had far been changed with attendant acrimony and factions all over, brotherly love waxed cold, unity of the spirit was broken, individual interest had moved to a higher crescendo and there was no more strength for unity prayers.

“The spiritual atmosphere was dried and when the governor observed that, carefully he then introduced six to six (6am-6pm) curfew in the state to worsen the spiritually dry atmosphere due to the effects of prayer-less altars. He then succeeded to install a Satanic seat in the land.

“You could recall the deadly accident that usually do occur at Itam Junction claiming lives, separating heads from the bodies. When Obong Victor Attah became the governor, it was revealed to him that a symbol of peace should be installed at the circus to stop the dreadful occurrences. Attah heeded to that spiritual counselling and made the symbol with tripod stand having three doves in-between each of the stand representing the three senatorial districts and ethnics of the state (Uyo, Ikot Ekpene and Eket), as well as Ibibio natality, Ananag and Oron, and was christened the Peace Column.

“The deadly occurrences ceased immediately when that was done and that endeared Attah with this name: the Architect of the new Akwa Ibom State.

“The construction of a flyover at Itam was with a spiritual intention to demolish the peace between the three brothers symbol placed by Victor Attah.

“When Akpabio presented the proposal of the flyover, at the Peace Column, aka Itam Junction, Obong Atah warned him not to tamper with that symbol of Peace in the Land and that he should desist from constructing flyover at the spot the paramount rulers joined forces with this eminent son of Akwa Ibom State to advise Akpabio against this proposal, but he refused to head it.

“In his usual doggedness in achieving whatever he desires, he went back to consult with his spiritualist and arrived with huge financial commitment and a car gift each to all paramount rulers to give him the needed support to construct the flyover, except the Late Robbert Obot, the Paramount Ruler of Nsit Ubium LGA,

“With the support of the traditional leaders, he had the impetus to uproot the tripod peace symbol, he then relocated the tripod to the outskirts area of the capital city.

“The most dreadful thing about that relocation is the life plant in between the symbol and the iron cage made around the symbol. The life plant signifies altar of dominion, while the iron cage signifies restriction to the move of the power of the Holy Ghost which the three doves represented to introduce peace to the state.

“So many lives were destroyed especially those of the Ibibio extraction, priests and worshippers in the church were not left out on kidnapping, assassination, rapes and all forms of vices. Cultism took the centre stage, occultism, wanton killings and many more happened after the peace symbol was uprooted. Even the very elects in the church among the Priesthood, due to the spiritual short circuit of the move of the power of the Holy Ghost, started deploying sorcery, divinations to counterfeit prophetic moves in Churches, calling worshippers phone numbers, account numbers and describing even the colour of victims’ pants, similar sorcery as found in Acts chapter 16.

“These continued to paint negative pictures on the body of Christ in the state; yet nobody in the priesthood seemed to bother nor become worried of the interference and the impending danger these heinous acts caused the Church of Jesus Christ, the good people and inhabitants of this state. Many marriages and homes had been distorted, the peace and harmony of the families of God’s people have been truncated, trust had been hampered among Church brotherhood; hence the change of language and personal interest has unfortunately gained momentum.

“With accolades from the state and beyond as a performing Governor, Akpabio gained ascendency to install a successor in 2015 without any resistant as a spiritual head of the state, because of the sacrificial financial commitment he used to purchase the insensitive blind leaders of the Church in the state and across the nation. Mr Udom Emmanuel, on his arrival, was underrated by many politicians, thinking he was a JJC (a political novice). He was received in the form of a believer with his nomenclature as a Deacon from a well respected Church denomination, he gained acceptance of the Church/leaders in the state until 10th December, 2017, when a good number of believers in hundreds lost their lives at the Church building collapse of Reigners Bible Church, during the Bishopric consecration of Pastor Akan Weeks.

“In his address the following morning of the dreadful incident, he said he was the major target in the incident, but was spared, deceiving the masses that only about 20 worshippers were dead.

“Normally, there was raging from good citizens of Akwa Ibom State advocating for Justice on that matter. A committee of competent jurisdiction was set up to look into the matter and present a report.

“They did a proper job to the best of their professions and came out with a white paper, but a drama happened when the high priest of Akwa Ibom State, Prelate Isaiah Isong, during PFN prayer conference in 2018, sat down on bare floor of insight Bible Church Altar and carried Akan on his laps as a baby, calling on the leaders of PFN and fathers of faith, who were present to surround him and he made some declarations sanctioning on that matter in court.

“Few weeks later, nothing was heard about the white paper that was presented and about the case in court till date, yet nobody is considering this and no one is asking intelligent questions concerning this.

“Recall that during the actual preparation for 2019 as we are now, prelate Isong took a stand to ensure that Udom succeeded in his bid for 2nd term in office and also declared at Ibom Hall grounds calling on the earth of Akwa Ibom State to open her month and swallow up whosoever will rise from the priesthood to contend Udom’s 2nd term bid. But before now, Apostle Patrick Jerome, who was also the high priest of Uyo, Apostle John Okoriko, who is also the high priest of Mkpat Enin and Bishop Josephine Haggah, were strong supporters of APC, led by Obong Nsima Udo Ekere, who was the major contender of the ruling PDP that produced the governor. From the light of this scripture in Prov. 27:13 “A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the simple pass on and are punished.” I foresaw the danger of the declarations of the state high priest and withdrew myself from advocating for change during that regime, but it was dawned on me when INEC announced the result which Udom Emmanuel emerged as winner of the election to continue his 2nd term, but the trio colleagues did not still see the pending danger and still went ahead to perform ordinances that will cause Nsima to win at the court, but the demise of Apostle Jerome was announced few months later. Apostle Okoriko was reportedly hospitalised, and also Josephine Haggah was reported paralysed and both were receiving treatment at different health facilities.

“Mr Ini Okopido and few others were also announced dead and yet nobody is observing and none is laying this to heart, but I still kept watch over these.

At the end of 2019 election God spoke to me that He will give Akwa Ibom State a shepherd that will lead his people in righteousness come 2023, a royal priest, and I was mandated to tell the high priest of the state, Prelate Isong in August 2020 which I did, intimating him that God said he should not anoint any Governorship candidate on his own again in 2023 and that he should gather all 31 LGA High Priests in the state and intercede for God to reveal to them the one that He intends to honour in that capacity to avoid pending demise of any member of the priesthood due to change in language of the body and crave for individual interest and glorification.

“In 2021 August 15, when God mandated us under the umbrella of Indigenous Ministers Forum and International Council of Royal Priesthood during our Annual prayer Feast conference in the state to set the tone for righteous governance in the land and we did as we were directed. Seven days after, Prelate Emeritus Sunday Mbang of Methodist Church Nigeria, on the media announced that Akwa Ibom State governorship seat for 2023 is not for any cultist or occultist and none of them as mentioned should consult him for that.

“The governor affirmed that confusion was thrown into the state Executive and PDP, even the governor himself was confused because of pressure that was mounted on him by some victims of that declaration which some of them he had promised to give them the seat on basis of Covenant. The governor then resort to rely on the religious leaders to give him direction and probably choose the successor, but was more disappointed and confused because of the change of language and individual interest that is going on among priesthood and they could not give him needed direction.

“During the breakfast meeting of Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, at Ibom ICON Hotel, Mr Udom out of the disappointment he got from the religious circle, had to warn them not to disturb him any further over the matter of successor, saying that he expected them to give him good counsel and help him with good advice and prayers to complete his tenure without blunders, but the reverse is what he receives from them.

The fear of supporters and followers that Obong Bassey Albert (OBA) commanded during the inauguration ceremony of his maiden project in the state that will serve as campaign ground on 29th January, 2022, triggered the Governor to resort to pressures which some Church leaders/other bodies had mounted on to announce his successor for 2023. A day after that event that terrified the governor, he then called the High Priest of Eket, Late Pst Ezekiel Atang of God’s House of Refuge the following morning, which was Sunday, 30th January, soliciting to hold a thanksgiving service in his Church. In his acceptance, the governor led a delegation of the state cabinet and some religious leaders to that service which at the end of that event he announced his preferred candidate when they converge at government House in the evening.

“Barely 21 days after the thanksgiving that ushered in the announcement of the preferred candidate, Pastor Umo Eno, we lost the High Priest of Eket and the state government took over the funeral arrangement and used Ibom Hall as venue for the obsequies. Yet the priesthood did not observe to consider, neither did anyone ask question nor understand the handwriting.

“Why did the announcement of a preferred candidate for 2023 governorship in PDP take this format? This is one question that every Akwa lbomite must give an answer. Next edition will explain the emergence of Pastor Umo Eno and I will do that when the spirit directs me to”, he ended.