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For Biodun Olujimi, The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost


At the moment, Biodun Olujimi, one of the top female politicians in Ekiti State, is apprehensive about what to expect come February 25.

This is because members of the Peoples Democratic Party loyal to former Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose, have expressed their resolve to vote for the All Progressives Congress candidate for Ekiti South Senatorial District, Yemi Adaramodu, in the forthcoming National Assembly election.

The PDP members, under the aegis of Fayose’s Osoko Political Assembly, said the resolve followed the alleged failure of Olujimi to impact on her immediate constituency as a senator. They also accused her of having worked against the party’s interest in last year’s governorship election.

The PDP members from the six councils in the senatorial district, including the party’s State Executive Committee members, House of Assembly candidates, ward/local government chairmen, former House of Assembly members and former political office holders, therefore urged PDP members to cast their votes for the APC senatorial candidate.

Olujimi condemned the PDP members’ resolve to vote for the opposition party just to spite her. She said that the directive Fayose gave to his loyalists within the party to support Adaramodu is not only an anti-party activity but requires the urgent attention of the national leadership of the party. She maintained that PDP members openly campaigning for an APC candidate must leave the party because what they are doing offends the party constitution and goes against all tenets of democracy or what party affiliation dictates. But pundits wonder why Olujimi is bothered about who party members decide vote for, especially because she has boasted in several fora of having political clout and determining what happens in Ekiti politics.

They recall how she single handedly threatened, hounded and intimidated a female politician who had signified her interest in Ekiti government house shortly before the party primary last year.

THEWILL had exclusively reported how she had threatened to go physical and spiritual with Princess Adekemi Adewunmi, the president of Soroptimist International and widow of a former Chief of Air Staff, late Air Vice Marshal Ibrahim Alfa, because of her political ambition.

Adekemi had incurred Olujimi’s wrath when she alleged that the senate minority leader arrogated undue powers to herself by insisting on determining who takes what position in Ekiti State, including who would emerge the consensus candidate at the PDP governorship primary.

Olujimi allegedly boasted that Ekiti State belongs to herself and Fayose and that anyone, who fails to fall in line with her, will have themselves to blame as they will see nothing to hold on to not even crumbs.

Irked by her boastful nature, Adewunmi countered her by insisting that Ekiti State does not belong to anyone’s pockets and asked that those who have been in office since 2003, (allegedly referring to Olujimi) need to move out of the way to allow others unlock that cage and set Ekiti free from bondage.

Adewunmi accused Olujimi, the only woman from Ekiti State who plays politics at the national level, of only mouthing support for women in Ekiti but placing her own children and immediate relations in multinational companies and leaving those who are not related to her by blood to rot. Adewunmi inferred that Olujimi often pretends to empower women but reluctantly with the party’s money allocated to her and never with her personal funds.

She accused Olujimi of building palatial mansions all over Abuja and Lagos for herself and giving handouts to members of her constituency. Adewunmi also called Olujimi a politician without principles who not only jumped ship from another party to meet her, a founding member in PDP, but also worked against the party in the state in the 2019 general election.

Well now that Olujimi has fallen out with the one person she claims to run Ekiti state with, it is about time she puts her acclaimed political clout to use to avoid being rendered politically irrelevant.