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Empress Njamah’s Ex-Lover Josh Wade Denies Leaking Her Nude Videos


January 09, (THEWILL) – Josh Wade, the ex-lover and alleged blackmailer of Nollywood actress, Empress Njamah, has opened up concerning allegations of leaking the thespian’s private videos.

Wade denied sharing pictures and videos of her nudes online, even after Njamah claimed he had already threatened her.

A few days ago, the private videos of the actress went viral, after a report came in that the estranged lover of the actress created a Whatsapp page and shared the video.

Responding to criticisms and abuses, Wade shared a video claiming he wasn’t the one who shared Njamah’s video as reported. He stated that he is also going through pain as everyone is.

“I know shit about what’s going on with Empress. I know fucking shit about it. You understand me.

“I don’t know anything about it, I don’t know shit about whatsoever is happening.

“Whatsoever is happening to her, I am not behind it, I am not aware of it, nonsense.

“I am in pains with her, I am not behind it. I am not aware of it. Whosoever is accusing me will die a useless death”, he said.