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Don’t Campaign For Old Politicians, Regina Chukwu Tells Colleagues

Regina Chukwu
Regina Chukwu

June 06, (THEWILL) – Nollywood actress, Regina Chukwu, has issued a stern warning to her colleagues not to attempt campaigning for old politicians who helped to put Nigeria in its current precarious state.

The mother of two warned that she would physically attack any of her colleagues who dared to take such a step.

Chukwu stated that most celebrities who support some politicians do so because of the “token they are given”. Adding that if it runs into millions of naira, “it is still a miserly sum, compared to the lives of people”.

She wondered what changes had taken place in the lives of those who had been collecting such pittances from politicians.

She also warned the average and ordinary Nigerians to caution their mothers if they are the ones “dancing and singing stupid songs while they follow politicians around.

She warned that such people are “dancing the future of their children away”.

Elderly men were not left out among the people she called out. Chukwu stated that “they are our problem and they will hunt their generation to come.”

Her outburst is coming at a time when more awareness is created by celebrities ahead of the coming general election, especially now that the country is battling a lot of security and economic challenges.