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FG Set Up Team To Take Inventory Of Abandoned Projects

November 09, (THEWILL) – The Federal Government has constituted a team to take inventory of abandoned projects across the country.

Minister of State for Budget and National Planning, Clem Agba, who made this known on Wednesday, said, the team, headed by the Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, was set up at Wednesday’s meeting of the Federal Executive Council presided over by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

The Council also approved the creation of the National Capital Projects Information System

Agba said the team involves the key infrastructure ministries in the country.

“What this project seeks to take care of is the increasing number of abandoned and uncompleted projects that we have all over the place which is turning out to be a major drain of funds and represents a waste to the nation’s budget and scarce resources.

“The team will look at and prioritize, fund selected projects on a yearly basis for completion; look at the possibility of privatization of some of the projects or transfer ownership to either state or local government; how to repurpose the project for alternative use; or completely abandon of dismantle and treat those as sunk”, he said.

Agba also said the approved contract for a new office for the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) with a parking lot at 17B Awolowo Road in Lagos, was also approved by the FEC on Wednesday.

He said the contract was awarded to Messrs CCECC Nigeria Ltd at a total cost of N14.88billion, inclusive of 7.5% VAT with a completion period of 24 months.

“The construction of this building will save the Federal Inland Revenue Service of about N4billion yearly rent that they have been paying and it will also help the Lagos State government to reduce traffic congestion along Awolowo Road and the adjoining roads”, Agba said, adding that the building would be sited in the premises already owned by the FIRS and would not involve the purchase of land.

He said that the property measures 11857 Sq Meters.

In a related development, the FEC has also approved the award of a contract for the purchase of property at Mombe Estate, which is on Plot 21 Cadastral Zone E 23, Abuja.

Agba said the contract sum was N14.41billion, adding that the contract had to do with the provision of residential accommodation for officers of the Nigeria Custom Service, NCS.

“Provision of residential accommodation is a major incentive for officers and men towards improving their productivity and efficiency.

“Some of these officers are currently residing in hotels; some stay back in their offices and we think that is not too good enough.”

According to Agba, the NCS intends to buy an estate consisting of 274 housing units, which includes 128 units of three-bedroom flats; 96 units of two-bedroom flats and 50 units of three-bedroom terrace duplexes.

He further disclosed that a contract was also awarded for the construction of two 30-room hostels for male cadets and one 30-room hostel for female cadets’ hostel at the Customs Training School, Kano.

Agba said the approval was also given for the purchase of 703 laptop computers for training and CBT exams for Customs cadets.

Dr Busola Tejumola On Amplifying Magical African Stories

Dr Busola Tejumola

Dr Busola Tejumola’s educational background indicates her professional career’s thorough foundation. Having earned her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Ibadan, she got her Master’s from the University of Surrey before earning herself a doctorate, PhD, from Brunel University in London. This was at the same time that she began her career at MultiChoice. She talks about how she got the job…

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The Multifaceted Mogul: Elohor Elizabeth Isiorho


The Nigerian fashion industry continues to soar. The quality of designs is improving, sales keep making great strides, and the exportation of finished products is almost seamless. On the marketing front, one person is responsible for heralding a modelling culture that we have come to know today—the founder of Nigeria’s foremost and longest-running modelling outfit, Beth Modelling Agency, Elohor Elizabeth Isiorho. Elohor, who also happens to be an Ex-beauty queen, showrunner, event planner and realtor…

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Afrobeat‘S’ to The World: Nigeria’s Biggest Export Comes of Age


Between the late 90s and the early 2000s, indigenous content took a major backseat to foreign content. American genres such as Hip-hop, Pop and R&B dominated the airwaves, so to be cool meant being conversant with American music. But a shift began to happen in the early 2000s. Widely regarded as the pioneers of the new-age Afrobeats sound, groups such as Trybesmen, Plantashun Boiz, and The Remedies began to fuse modern western influences from hip-hop and R&B with local melodies…

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Darey: From Music to Taking a 360 Approach on Creative Solutions


Darey was always going to do music. He talks about how he made the switch from performing for an audience to recording songs in the studio. He said, “I started writing and recording music long before Project Fame; while I was still on the radio, I had started making demos and things like that. I didn’t start music as a recording artist but as a performing artist…

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The Musings of Africa’s Proverbial Dad: Chief Pete Edochie

Pete Edochie

As I walk into his home in Enugu, he is sitting on his chair. A throne of some sort. It is elevated and much higher than other chairs in the house, with a footstool at the base. It certainly gave the aura of power. I greet him in the traditional African way, knees to the ground, and he motions me to stand up while extending his arm in an embrace I walk into. He asks a few questions about me, and in no time, we are talking about culture; then, he teases me about coming to see a chief without…

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Japa: The Mass Emigration Continues


Emigration isn’t a new concept to Nigerians. We have been moving in large numbers to all parts of the world even before gaining independence. Travelling overseas has always been a privileged thing to do worldwide, and the most populous Black Country is not different. In Nigeria, travelling abroad ranks very highly on many people’s wishlists. For most, relocation is the best thing that could happen in one’s life as a Nigerian living in Nigeria—even if it means they never get to see friends and family again…

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The Tumor Of Modern Day Slavery Continues To Grow


In two of the oldest continents; Africa and Asia, having a slave was a common practice. Old monarchical systems recorded the existence of service. In 2015 a headline read: Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuwade Burial Delayed as “Abobaku” Runs Away. Abobaku is a title that means “The one who dies with the king”. He is a person that is appointed upon a king’s coronation, to be buried with the king when he eventually dies. Abobaku’s job is to serve the king, die with the king, be buried with the king, and attend to him in the ‘afterlife’…

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The Influencer Career or Hobby? Starring Kaylah Oniwo & Noble Igwe

Kaylah Oniwo & Noble Igwe

Being an Influencer has been met with polarising reviews. Whilst Generation Z and some millennials consider it a sustainable job to build a lifetime career, the older, more traditional generation primarily views it as a waste of time. The concept of making picture and video content for a fanbase for a living doesn’t exactly resonate with them…

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June Alaare Wisse: Fighting Child Abuse Through Poetry

June Alaare

When we talk about children, the focus is usually on their future in glowing terms. Words like: ‘You can be the president,’ ‘you can shine brighter than a star,’ ‘you can be whatever you want to be,’ are things we often say to them with all indications pointing at the future. But what do you say to an eight-year-old girl who is already a superstar? For June Alaare Wisse, the options are limitless.

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