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Brymo Makes U-turn, Apologises For Abusing Igbos

January 14, (THEWILL) –  Nigerian singer, Olawale Ibrahim Ashimi Oloforo, aka Brymo, has finally tendered an apology over his series of tweets against the Igbos.

The singer had first criticised Chimamanda Adichie after she accepted a traditional title in Imo State.

The singer noted that she shouldn’t have accepted the title since she rejected a national honour. He added that her action will affect the Igbo presidency.

Brymo was slammed for his tweet and accused of being against the Igbo presidency. Some people advised him to apologise for his tweet but he insisted that he was not sorry and used some derogatory words against the Igbos.

He tweeted “Dear Easterners, I am not sorry”.

He also made another tweet where he sent the Igbos to the gallows “fuck the Ndi Igbos!! To hell with it”.

A petition was raised for people to append their signatures to prevent him from clinching the All Africa Music Award, AFRIMA, for Songwriter of the year, a category he has been nominated for.

The singer recently took to Instagram to address the controversial post and give more perspective to those who misunderstood him.

According to him, the entire back and forth started after he shared his opinion about Chimamanda Adichie’s refusal of a National award while accepting a local chieftaincy.

The singer restated his position about how Chimamanda’s action as a prominent Igbo sends the wrong message about an Igbo presidency.

Brymo said his words resulted in several social media attacks and threats, with a petition also being raised to prevent him from winning the All Africa Music Award (AFRIMA) award for Songwriter of the Year.

According to Brymo, after the petition was raised, an individual approached him to tender an apology and this was what resulted in his controversial Twitter post.

The singer emphasised that his words were never directed at the Igbo people but a movement.

“I didn’t insult the whole tribe, (Igbos). I will not do that. I apologise to anyone who is saddened by such tweet. I was trying to weigh in on a very important matter,” he said.