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Bimbo Esho Veers Into Public Relation


Bimbo Esho, daughter of music maestro, Femi Esho, chairman of Evergreen Musical Company Limited has made her debut in the Public Relation world.

Esho handles Evergreen, a music company known to be the biggest and most celebrated custodian of Nigeria’s traditional music, such as High Life, Juju, Apala, Fuji and other genres of music. It has the largest collections of evergreen music from notable artistes in Nigeria, most especially the older generation of artistes.

The extremely hardworking, intensely passionate entrepreneur got her inspiration from her father who was formerly a Public Relations guru. Esho had through her father’s company assisted the older generation of musicians.

Most of them now adore her because she has relentlessly continued to promote their works and help them to keep their legacies alive and fresh in our minds and the minds of lovers of old school music.