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BBNaija S7: Groovy Ends Romance With Phyna Over Drinking Habit

BBN housemate
Groovy and Phyna

September 03, (THEWILL) – All is not well between reality show housemates, Groovy and Phyna, they have taken a break from their relationship, If care is not taken, the two housemates might not reunite again.

Last night, the couple had their first fight over Phyna’s drinking habit. Daniella had spilled to Phyna her secret discussions with Groovy.

Groovy had opened up to Daniella who he considered his best friend to let his feelings for Phyna known. At that time, Groovy was still trying to navigate his feelings for Phyna and had confessed to Daniella that he didn’t like her and she (Phyna) was forcing the relationship.

However, things changed and Groovy fell in love with Phyna, unfortunately, Daniella spilled the tea to Phyna, who thought Groovy was playing her.

Before their Guinness game, Phyna drank to a stupor, which Groovy wasn’t happy about. While cautioning her, Groovy begged her to reduce her intake of alcohol.

He said, “If you want to drink as you like then, there is no point of us continuing this relationship”.

Groovy had no choice but to call their relationship to a halt as Phyna remained adamant on drinking.

In her response, Phyna asked “You are breaking up with me?”

Groovy replied: “I am not breaking up with you, I am telling you we need space”.

Phyna pointed out how there isn’t any difference between the words.

“Which is the same thing as break up”.

The two ended up falling apart and their recent argument has generated mixed reactions from fans. Some sympathized with the couple, while others mocked Phyna.