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AY Defends Brother Yomi Casual Against Gay Allegation


January 15, (THEWILL) – Ace comedian cum actor, Ayo Makun, has defended his younger brother, Yomi, while supporting his sister-in-law, Grace Makun, against gay allegations made against his brother.

Grace, wife of the celebrity fashion designer, Yomi Casual, addressed the long-standing rumour about her husband’s sexuality on Saturday.

The entrepreneur took to Instagram to make a lengthy post about the controversy trailing the designer.

Rumour had been rift that the tailor, as he fondly calls himself, is gay. Many took to his wife’s social media to send her direct messages about the rumour.

Reacting to it, she requested proof within 24 hours from naysayers. She added that her husband is not gay and is not planning to be one in his next world.

The tailor’s older brother, AY, also came to his defence. He stated that such evil traits can never be found in his family.

He assured Grace to keep calm and pay no attention to naysayers.

“It’s all about entertainment for these evil people. They are traits you will never ever trace to the Makuns.

“You already know you are married, go to bed. As for bloggers, I still have their tablets.

“Them go use backup accounts again when I strike as usual, awon werey”, he wrote.