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2023 Poll: Group Cautions Youths Against Violence, Religious Bigotry


A civil society organisation, Building Blocks for Peace Foundation (BBFORPEACE), has cautioned Nigerian youths against violence, ethnic and religious bigotry, ahead of 2023 general elections.

Mr. Rafiu Lawal, the Executive Director, BBFORPEACE Foundation, said this at a news conference with the theme `Nigeria’s 2023 Elections: Enhancing Youth Political Participation for a Peaceful and Inclusive Society” in Abuja..

Lawal said that Nigerian elections were usually marred with violence due to the win-at-all-cost syndrome.

“At the centre of these violent conflicts are young men and women who make up about 60 per cent of all the eligible voters and the total country’s population.

“More so, young people’s exclusion from decision making and peace processes, and the lack of adequate conflict management and mediation skills especially among youth contributions to violence.

“The meaningful participation of young people in all cycles of the electoral process is crucial for any democratic development.

“As the 2023 elections draw close, we will like to remind young people that their active and non-violent participation is critical for Nigeria’s socio-economic and political reconfiguration and development,” he said.

Lawal added: ` `Young people are central to peace and security in Nigeria.

“We must convert our demographic dividends into peace dividends.’’

He called on Nigerian youth to shun hate speech and sharing of unverified information.

Lawal advised youths to ensure that they verify all information and messages through simple Google search and fact checking tools online before sharing.

He said that data from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) has shown that youths aged between 18 and 34 years constitute 78.7 per cent of 12.2 million new registrants.

He said that this clearly indicated that youths would have a potential impact on the 2023 elections, so it was time to use that strength to present a formidable youth agenda to the political gladiators.

He said that young people should peacefully mobilise their peers across the country to vote for the candidates of their choice across all levels.

“As youths, we have the biggest advantage by far to effectively use technology to promote a peaceful election.

“We are exposed to many social media platforms that we can use to advocate for peace and social cohesion before, during and after elections.

“We must say no to hate speech and divisive contents online and offline,” he said.

Lawal said that the unnecessary and unhealthy enmity among political parties, party gladiators and supporters has huge implications for the 2023 election and beyond.

He called on parties to uphold the provisions of the Electoral Act and be tolerant of one another and stop attacking each other’s rallies.

Lawal said the BBFORPEACE Foundation recommended that the police should work with other security agencies to ensure that the country was safe before, during and after the election.