Gay Or Not Gay? Miyonse Opens Up On His Sexuality

Big Brother Nigeria 2017 housemate, Miyonse, has kept busy since his return from the Big Brother House. In the first part of the interview he granted THEWILL, he spoke about life before the reality TV show and made some very stunning revelations such as being absent at his dad’s burial. In this concluding part, Oputah David brings excerpts of Miyonse’s thoughts regarding events in the house – relationship with other housemates such as Tboss and Bisola; life after the show; even as he reluctantly opens up on his sexuality. It promises to keep you spellbound.


Few days into the house you had your first issue with Bisola and then you were like reporting to everybody what was that about?

Reporting to everybody is going to be wrong, because I am a private person, even if I have an issue with someone I would rather keep it to myself, the only person that I think I spoke to and that was immediately after the outburst you know, was T-Boss and she was trying to calm me down and I explained to her this is what happened and this is what happened so I believe we are supposed to be way pass that because we are mature individuals.

Didn’t you also speak to Thin Tall Tony about the issue?

That was another incident. But the funny thing is that we are best friends outside the house; that is it. Bisola calls me at random times to check up on me which I do that too to her, so everything that happened in there was a game, everybody had a different strategy on, you know, how they wanted to play the game.

So you and T-boss, it’s not a private matter?

We have a cordial relationship you know. I speak to her almost all the time and she speaks to me, we are friends.

But she nominated you, how did you feel about that?

It’s doesn’t change anything. I’m serious. I am telling you nothing changed.

Are you saying nothing changed when you got the news that, and saw the video when T-boss nominated you?

I did not see the video until like two weeks to the end of the show.

But I thought Ebuka told you?

He told me and, okay I was indifferent, because I was like okay she nominated me wasn’t the reason I left you know there was another people who nominated me also, that was just a piece in the jigsaw, so her nominating me wasn’t what disqualified me or what evicted me from the house, it was way beyond that.

There is still a video out there, you and T-boss in the house, of course it was a live show so everybody was saying different things, what was that about?

What was what about?

You guys were under the sheet and you know.

Everything that happens in the house happened in the house; everything that happened in the house stays in the house.

You guys got kinky and all that stuff, do you consider yourself a playboy or was it just fun or?

At some point in time, you know, when you are in the house, emotions begin to dictate some of your actions.

That was just less than two weeks…

Well let’s say she is a cool person, we are both cool, we are in a very good place we will remain friends, very good friends.

Yes, but I’m still interested in that, what was that about?

It was what it was.

Wow, like your mum was watching or your brother, your girlfriend?

This is an 18+ program, if you are not going to watch it don’t watch it (laughing).

But did you feel that you disappointed anybody at all or it was just a normal thing?

With that no, by leaving by the second week, I guess yes, I thought I disappointed people you know, but you know when I got out of there and I realize you know it was insane out there you know, up until some weeks before the show I was always trending you know, I was in the faces of the people even till the end of the show and I left quick too soon, I am more about looking for ways of leveraging on the platform that I have, than looking back at probably I should have done something better in the house.

So how did you cope with the followers of the other housemate who sometimes pick up on you, for example I’m aware that during the last weeks of the event some other followers thought you were rooting for a particular housemate and then you were always target of some tweet you know, how did you cope with that?

That is what I have made people try to realize that while I was out there, I never voted for everyone you know, and if people felt like my tweet or my anything I said was concerning them, I do not control what they are supposed to think because that is their thought you know, what I say you might misinterpret it and it is not my fault if you misinterpreted it. So particularly I was rooting for everyone in the house as at that point in time and how do I cope with it, I realized you have to grow, you have to  develop a thick skin to be a public figure you know and it’s never easy to handle this kind of thing you know, there are some of these things that get to you, people believe that you are not permitted to show emotions or you can’t go on a rant or outburst because you are public figure and you are a celebrity. So how do I deal with it, I make jokes out of it, if you come at me I come at you in a funny way you know, if I feel it’s too offensive I will block you and that is about it you know, obviously sometimes you over look it.

Looks like you have lots of female followers these days, how do you cope with that, are you expecting any baby mama anytime soon?

Naturally, opposite sex would attracts, am I supposed to have huge male following? It’s natural am sure all the guys in the house have a huge female fan base, so I don’t expect guys to be screaming me Miyonse, Miyonse, it would look awkward but I have quite a number of male fans, they are staunch supporters, you know they are on Twitter, they are on Instagram, always there to defend, always there to represent me you know, and  I feel like my personality attracted the kind of the people I wanted it to attract, you know they are not crude people they don’t insult people you know, it’s one of the treat I like about my fans they are very cool calm and collected people.

You have been travelling all around Nigeria, what’s up with that?

In a way it shows how relevant the individual is; and imagine if I came out of the house and you don’t hear anything about me you know, it shows that people did not consider me relevant and thank God I am still grateful to God. I came out and till today I am very much relevant you know, this people see that you can attract a crowd that is why they call me to make an appearance, if they see that you are not able to draw the kind of crowd they want, they wouldn’t call me or if they see you are not relevant, so it means I’m doing something good.

What other talents do you have? Acting, singing, dancing?

Yeah, I’ve been getting a couple of scripts, you know.


Yeah. The thing is, I’m not an actor. Whatever film I decide to act in, it will make sense. It has to make a whole lot of sense. I do write. I was a journalist before. My talents… What else do I like to do? I like to play football.

What is your greatest inspiration? Or, who is your greatest inspiration?

My greatest inspiration… Uh, let me say – it might be an abstract answer but this is truly my answer- life inspires me, and when I say life, some people in life inspire me. A lot of things inspire me. I might be walking down the street and I see something, and it inspires me to be better than who I was. Or, I see an act of kindness, and it inspires me to be better than who I am. Or, I see a person doing something good, and it inspires me to try and be the best I can be. And, you know, life is enough inspiration for me.

Your greatest fear?

My greatest fear would probably be not achieving all that I want to achieve, not ‘making it’; that has been my greatest fear, and I believe God is handling it.

If there was something you would want to change in this world, what would that be?

I’d change the hate. People hate too much. I believe the reason why Jesus couldn’t stay longer than He did on earth is because of hate. The reason why there are a lot of problems in this world is because of the hate. We hate too much. I have never seen so much hate. I would use the Big Brother as a case study, you know. There was so much hate. There was too much campaign of hate. It’s ridiculous how people see things in an extremely hateful and ridiculous way. So I’d really like to change the hate and inject more love.

That’s touching. Do you intend to start a foundation or something? Are you thinking in that direction?

Well, ermm, in my own little way I am doing some orphanage work. Recently, immediately I came out of the [Big Brother] House, I did something with Payporte. I fed three orphanage homes, and a sum of one million naira to the orphanage homes. Recently, I did something with Koko Foundation, feeding the people on the streets, and I plan on partnering more to do something in relation to that, hoping I could even take it to the state level and, do something with Lagos state.

Oh, and yeah, you’re from Lagos?

Yes, I’m from Lagos state, and I’ve not gotten any homecoming yet. (laughs). Yeah, everybody got homecoming, you know? I’m waiting for my homecoming.

Eh, but Badagry… Don’t you think it’s your people there that should have welcomed you?

Why? Why is it Badagry? Now, you see my problem with Nigerians? Why is it Badagry that has to welcome me? Everybody went to their states and their states welcomed them, so why do I have to go to Badagry to be welcomed?

Okay, so who are you directing your rant at?

You! I’m directing my rant at you, because you said, ‘Go to Badagry.’ Why should I go to Badagry, when everybody’s state governments welcomed them?

Am I your state government?

But you mentioned Badagry, which is my grouse with you. Why did you mention Badagry? I am from Lagos state. All other housemates were welcomed by their state governments, and you are telling me I should be welcomed by a local government, a section of Lagos state. I don’t understand it.

But that’s a start.

Sorry, I don’t understand, why should I have a start? Like, why can’t I just get the welcome once and for all?

So are you demanding that your state government welcome you?

I am not demanding.

No, you are comparing yourself with others, saying other state governments welcomed them.

I am not! It is what you said that gave birth to what I’m saying. I shouldn’t be welcomed only in Badagry, I should be welcomed in the state, because I am from Lagos state.

So you want the state to welcome you?

Well, it won’t be a bad idea, would it?

I don’t know, I’m not in government.

Well, it would not be a bad idea if the state decides to welcome me.

But what would the welcoming do to your ego, or something? Is it going to change anything about you?

The welcoming is sort of an encouragement. This is not about anything, it’s about people saying, oh, you know what, this is what you have done, and we give you our blessings to go and do more strides, more feats. It’s not about the governor shaking you, that is good, he’s going to shake you, you’re going to meet a lot of people, and it’s nice, it’s really nice, but beyond that, I have initiatives I want to pitch to the state government, and that will be a viable means to say, oh, you know what, I’ve been thinking about this and this is what I want to do.

So what would you say to your fans?

First and foremost, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone and my fans. You guys give me joy. They support me irrespective, and this is when you know you have true supporters: when they support you without a cause; they don’t support you because you are the trending person at that point in time. They support you, they push you to succeed. I can’t begin to pour my heart out concerning my fans, because these guys are awesome. I can mention names, because these fans have become family to me.

I can mention Rukky, Deolu, Young Billionaire, Jessica, Chidinma… Who else am I failing to mention? Dolly, McKayla, Aya, there are a lot of them. If I begin to mention these people, I will not leave here. And these people genuinely look forward to my progress. Even when I’m stranded with ideas or something, they give me ideas; they are like, everything is going to be fine. These my fans are prayer warriors; they shower me with prayers every day.

And I’m like, wow, see love. We might not be so large, but the ones that I know are awesome, and I would like to say a big thank you. God bless you all. You guys mean a lot to me; I don’t take you people for granted. I’d like to thank DStv, Payporte, MultiChoice, Endemor, for the platform. These people created the platform for us, for me, for the world to know who Miyonse is. I’m so grateful to you guys.

Most importantly, I’m grateful to God Almighty for making it possible for me to get into the house. Also, my family, they have been awesome, they support me, they know when I’m going through pains, because this new life I have found myself in is quite difficult; it is mentally strenuous, psychologically, emotionally, it sucks a lot from you. Even financially, people expect you don’t wear the same shirt; you shouldn’t wear the same clothes. And they don’t get it that there is no money tree in your house, you have to work for this money, and you have to juxtapose your spending with your earnings and there should be a meaningful balance. So, once again, I’d like to say a big thank you to my fans, to everyone that keeps supporting the brand ‘Miyonse’, God bless you all. By the grace of God, I’ll make you people proud. And, like I usually say, don’t stop smiling. Life is not difficult, don’t stop smiling.

How do you walk on the streets? Do you get mobbed by fans?

No, I don’t get mobbed, but people recognize me more.

Where are the places you have visited since you came back, places where they knew you before? How was the welcoming like?

Wow! Let’s take UNILAG, for example. It was crazy, it was awesome.

They said you were giving people recharge cards. How true is that?

That was false.

You didn’t give people recharge cards?

No, I did not. Maybe someone went on my behalf. It’s not my fault anybody uses my name. But personally, no.

So how was the reception like? Did the school welcome you?

Well, the students welcomed me in grand fashion.

Are we expecting a Mrs Miyonse anytime soon: so many of the fans have been asking you to marry them and all that, you know; so are you picking any of them anytime soon?

Let’s wait and see.

Well, we’re waiting, but… Should we be expecting anything between you and TBoss?

Let’s wait and see.

Or your girlfriend?

Let’s wait and see.

Yeah, we’re waiting, but we’re trying to anticipate and know what…

That’s what I’m saying, it’s best for you to wait and see. When you’re making a movie, you calm down. So you guys should wait and see. Just wait and see!

When you first came into the House, you were trending, especially on Twitter; people were like, this guy is effeminate, he’s gay, stuff like that. And for the records, let’s just know what it is (laughs). What’s your preference?

Erm, you watched the Big Brother show. What do you think? Everyone is subject to their thoughts. I won’t even go out of my way to convince anyone who thinks I’m gay. Let them by all means enjoy the thoughts in their head.

So, what are you trying to say to everybody?

I am what I am.

You’re neither here nor there?

Yeah, I am what I am. That is why I said enjoy your thoughts in your head, but I am what I am. I remain what I am.

Are you saying those people are correct or wrong? When you say you are what you are, that’s a God thing; it’s God Who says, ‘I am what I am’.

God says, ‘I am Who I am.’ It’s not the same thing.

So what are you saying?

Clearly? People watched the show, and they formed opinions, and I’d like them to enjoy their opinions in their heads.

So you’re not going to dispel the rumour?

(Cuts in) No. There is no point, because in future, they can still come up with the same thing, so….

Don’t you think you should be categorical about it once and for all…

But let’s clear things up: I am not gay. I don’t want anybody looking for me, trying to throw me in prison, abeg. Okay, I am not gay. But feel free, in your head, to think I am gay.

Okay. But do you have anything against those who are?

That is my personal opinion. I would like to really keep my opinion to myself.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you too, I enjoyed myself here. I look forward having more chats with you guys at THEWILL.

You are welcome.

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